The first attempt in history to climb 8,051 meters high Broad Peak on Chinese-Pakistan border with a bike!
In July 2015, the team of climbers from Slovakia, New Zealand and Romania will not only attempt to climb 8.051 meters high Broad Peak in Pakistan, but also two of us will try to break the World record in cycling in the highest altitude!!!
By accomplishing this tough task we would be also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records!

Broad Peak is located on the border of Pakistan and China and is the 12-th highest peak in the world. There were only four Slovakian who stood on its top and I want try to be the fifth one.
 The peak, with its height of 8,051 meters, belongs to the group of 14 eight-thousanders.
Broad Peak is located on the border of Pakistan and China, in the center of the Karakorum mountains and it is only 8km from K2 - the mountain considered to be the most difficult eight-thousander in the world (Broad peak is also called K3).
Karakorum mountains offers one of the most beautiful scenery in the world...
as it has the largest concentration of high peaks on our planet.
A massive Baltoro glacier that flows through the valley is surrounded by high and steep peaks that form the alley leading directly towards 8000m high peaks: Gashebrum I, Gashebrum II, Broad Peak and K2.
Many climbers consider this scenery as one of the most beautiful on our planet. A person next to it feels powerless, but at the same time ineffably moved by its' beauty.
Despite its beauty; glacial cracks, deep snow, strong winds, very steep slopes and especially high altitude make our peak an unforgiving mountain.
Our team need to prepare very hard for this challenge, which will not only require good preparation and equipment. We will also need good luck with the weather and when dealing with some problems that can appear in Islamic part of the world...

For all mentioned above, it may seem extremely difficult to climb this mountain and even more with a bicycle! But we are so excited about this idea, that we want it to give a try.

Thank you for all your support in advance and keep cross fingers for us!

“It is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.”
- Edmund Hillary -