E Q U I P M E N T   R E V I E W S


- overboots
I didn't feel any worries for high top climbing as I knew, that I have very warm feet protection! Overboots fit perfectly to my climbing shoes and if felt very  sturdy and safe! Extremely important and useful!
- sleeping bag slippers
My words can't say enough good about these slippers! Very light and warm, extremely comfortable!
One of the most comfortable wearing that I had on Broad Peak. Very good!
- bottle sleeves

- absolute wilderness meal
Chilli Con Carne and Scrambled Eggs were very tasty, no need of any extra bowl - just hot water. Extremely useful and practical food in outdoor, would recommend for every climber and to any extreme conditions.


- acid mountain t-shirts
Acid Mt t-shirt is very stylish and comfortable. On top of it, it is very elegant thanks to original pattern and it is suitable for any occasion. I was lucky, that their t-shirt fit perfectly on me.


- BH bike
Very nice looking bicycle in good quality, very suitable for cycling off the roads.


- Sunny bag
Very stylish design, light and practical bag, suitable for city walks and to charge your electric gadgets while walking. 
- mini powerbank Move Power 2600 mAh
Very stylish, light and practical, easy managable; very practical powerbank for emergency charging of your mobile.  
- solar Powerbank 30000 mAh
Possible charging of two devices at the same time, good capacity, nice design, suitable combination of solar panel with powerbank; very practical in the nature, where no power is available.
- solar charger 500 mAh
Extra light, practical and stylish charger; could suit as a fashionable key ring.


- Brunton solarroll 14W
Very stylish, light and extremely practical panel thanks to possibility to roll it, very effective when it is sunny weather. Suitable also for extreme conditions and again - very practical!
- solar panel Solaris 2W
Very stylish, light, practical and relatively powerful panel. Very practical for travelling in nature where no power is available and where you need to charge small electric devices.
- powerbank Brunton Revolt 9000
Powerbank with extremely good capacity but still small size. The best powerbank I have ever had! Very practical and fully functional even in extreme conditions; suitable for outdoor sports too.
- Primus thermo 1l
Light and stylish thermo with two different closing systems. Very practical, easy managable and suitable even for extreme conditions.  


- navigation system GPS
Very valuable piece of equipment! Recording of the trail was very precise and even altitude meter was very accurate. Very good satellite signal receiver (always more than 3 satellites located). Extremely useful and one of the best GPS systems!
- watches Garmin Fenix 3
Very stylish watch with big display, very easy and accessible menu, nice night light, showing graphs. Very good looking and very useful watch!
- action camera Garmin Virb
ice design, very sturdy (it fell 7m on rocks and still no scratch and working!), small but still handy, GPS location for each photo = perfect(!) very nice camera for action sports, extremely useful with GPS location info!


- dry meat Jerky
Surprisingly very good meat taste, nice sachets design, wide range of meats, easily chuwinable, accurately salty and including tooth-pick in sachets! Tasty, healty and very suitable food supplement (even for hard workouts).

- tent North Star XT
Very stable even in strong wind, spacious enough for 2 people, spacious 'storage' area, not very heavy and good tent for extreme conditions!
- rain coat Breccia Jacket
Very stylish and good looking, good quality (breathable but waterproof), light and not bulky. Overall, the best rain jacket I have ever had! Waterproof but not getting sweaty - perfectly breathable!
- camel bag
Good quality materials, easy drinking, good capacity, very handy and easy to manipulate.
- fire flint
Extremely useful in high altitudes when lighter or matches don't work. Extremely useful for mountaineering!
- duffel bag Tanker 90l Cargo
Nice design and very strong bag, spacious , good quality material, very useful for taking a lot of staff (ropes, clothes, sleeping bag etc).
- first aid kit
Light and very handy for the first aid in the mountains!
- sandals Teva Toachi
Nice design, light, good quality, don't scratch the skin, easily adjustable and fast putting on feet. Very stylish and good quality sandals! Useful to put on after wearing all day heavy climbing boots!


- Ranger phone S17
Robust design for rough environment, surprisingly good signal reception, good battery life, modern and updated software. Extremely useful and practical phone, surprisingly reliable with quite good signal reception, very practical for rough environment and extreme conditions.


- tablet Xperia Z4
Very stylish design, simple and easy manipulating, good camera, simple software, possible to use also instead of mobile. Very suitable for everyday use and communication via internet. Because of small size and its' lightness, it is easy to take it with you everywhere.
- mobile Xperia Z3
Very stylish, light and practical thanks to slim design; simple and easy manipulating, very good camera, highly inteligent and easy software. Simply - the best mobile I have ever had! Very practical and multifunctional mobile.
- camera Exmor R                                         
Very stable picture, high quality video and photos, many good functions. Practical camera for dynamic recording (extreme sports, bicycling, skiing etc).

- lubricant -40°C

It worked without any problems even in extreme conditions and I didn't have any problems with moving parts on my bicycle at all! Perfect lubricant!


- ropes Tendon Lowe
Nice and stylish pattern and easily recognizable colours, reliable and light ropes. Very practical and safe for any wall climbing.
- asscender Kong
Simple manipulating and stylish design. Very practical asscender even for extreme climbing.
- sling Dynaprot 10 Y
Nice and stylish pattern, easily recognizable colours, safe and practical especially for via ferrata climbing; suitable even for extreme conditions and for highaltitude climbing.
- Dyneema 120cm
Stylish design and easily recognizable colours, reliable and very practical sling for any climbing.


- avalanche probes Pieps
Easily putting together and very practical when climbing across avalanche fields.
- snow shovels Pieps
Simple, light and very practical shovels not only for avalanches, but also for building tent place or even as anchor for tent during strong winds. Very practical tool!
- avalanche beacons Pieps
Easily operating device with nice design, light and recognizable coulour, reliable. The most usefull and most practical avalanche tool! Suitable for even extreme conditions with low temperatures.
- avalanche bag Pieps
Stylish design, high quality material and very important avalanche tool. Suitable for one/two days tours.


- high-altitude boots Millet (Everest Summit)
High quality materials, very warm boots, snow-sleeves not necessary as boots are high enough, possible use of inner boot apart as slippers. The best expedition boots on market for their best quality and for any extreme conditions or any high mountain climbing!

2015-06-26 A watch and a camera from world brand Garmin
One of the world's best brands in navigation systems, watches and outdoor cameras Garmin just fell into our way by lucky accident, when the BH bike shop owner (also a distributor of Garmin things put a word for us! Thanks to his help will our expedition get an extraordinary watch with altimeter and an outdoor camera. And on top of it - they will also help us with altitude meter device, that is required by Guinness World of Records. Many thanks!

2015-06-09 Sponsorship with BH successfully agreed
I am very pleased that we have came to a successful agreement on the bike sponsorship with BH shop. This really cool shop will even help me to adjust their excellent bike so it is as light as possible! And even more, they will dress me into their BH cycling dress! I am extremely grateful for all their help! Thank you

2015-06-06 SuperLube - super low temperature lubricant for our bicycles
SuperLube, as a manufacturer of high quality lubricants and low temperature greases, will provide us with a lubricant, which makes the bicycle operate even at -40 degrees Celsius! Without SuperLube help, our bicycles would change into useless metal pieces impossible to move. Thank you very much for the important help!

2015-06-04 A camera for recording our ascent by RICOH

I am very pleased that we were able to make contact with RICOH (manufacturer of cameras, sport opticsoffice equipment and security systems), which offered us a camera to record our progress on slopes of Broad Peak (also one of the Guinness Book of Records requirements)! We are still in close contact with RICOH and we hope in a successful agreement soon. Thank you very much in advance!

2015-05-19 Cooperation with Sony Mobile in Slovakia
We are very pleased that we have got in contact with one of the best electronic company in the world - with Sony Mobile. In the case of a successful agreementSony would support us with a tablet (to communicate with the world), a mobile (for communication with our families) and a camera (to record our progress on slopes of Broad Peak). We believe in a successful agreement soon and therefore we would like to thank in advance for their great support!

2015-05-18 A bicycle from Rock Machine
A possible bike support from Rock Machine (a producer of bikes that can endure anything and that can offer as much freedom and excitement as possiblecomes at the right moment! The sponsor of a lightweight bike, which could be taken to the summit of Broad Peak, is coming in the last minute. I hope in a soon and successful deal! Many thanks in advance!

2015-04-10 Sponsor FENIX 
It seems that I am quite lucky as another sponsor Fenix - distributor of several outdoor brands - is going to help our expedition by renting some solar panels of different kinds. And on top of it - some hot tea will keep me warm from their thermos too! Thank you for their generous help!

2015-04-08 Sponsor FORTY BELOW
Our new sponsor 40 Below - manufacturer of equipment for the extreme expeditions - will contribute to us by very warm expedition over boots. My toes have suffered frostbites twice and therefore it is very likely that it could happen again. With the over boots from 40Below we would not have to be worry about it at all. We are still in contact with them and I believe that we will come to an agreement very soon. Thank you!

2015-04-08 Sponsor EU-POWER
A distributer (but also service and installation provider) of energy systems for renewable energy - that is our new sponsor EU-POWER, which will provide us solar panels. Those will never leave us without electricity for our radios, satellite phone or laptop. We are even more happy, because it means extremely important connection with our Base camp, that can even save our lives in extreme conditions! Thank you very much!

2015-04-03 Sponsor - OUTFONE
http://www.outfone.com/I am glad to bring another sponsor OUTFONE - the producer of anti-communication equipmnet. In our case Outfone will support us with few Ragged Smart Phones - RANGERFONE S15! This device includes not only two way radio but also compass and GPS navigation system! So now, we will stay connected and not get lost. Thank you a lot!

2015-04-02 Sponsor - TOTAL OUTDOOR

A very important sponsor partner will be Total Outdoor - exclusive distributor of different outdoor brands for Slovakia and Czech Republic. They will rent us very important avalanche equipment that can save our lives! In that case, we can never adequately thank them enough - many thanks anyway!

2015-03-18 Sponsor - JERKY
http://www.jerky.czThank you to a new sponsor we will not be hungry on the slopes of Broad Peak. We are very pleased that JERKY - a shop with dried meat - will support us with their healthy and energetic meal.
And we would have many choices: beef, pork, chicken or turkey meat! Thank you and we are already looking forward to have dinner in a tent!  http://www.jerky.cz


2015-03-17 Sponzor - ABSOLUTE WILDERNESS
Nathan has managed to get support from Absolute wilderness - a producer of high performance meals for outdoor athletes and enthusiasts.
All their meals are freeze dried, which is considered the best method because it preserves the natural flavours, nutrients and shape of the food. The end product is super light weight, packed full of flavour and quick to rehydrate. Thank you a lot  http://www.absolutewilderness.co.nz/

2015-03-16 Sponsor - TREKLAND
One of the leading Slovakian outdoor shop is becoming our next potential sponsor!
http://www.trekland.sk/It is Trekland - a shop with everything what you could possibly need when climbing or camping in the mountains!
I am still in contact with them and in case of successful agreement, they will support me with one of the most important part of my equipment - highaltitude expedition boots by Millet. Thank you very much in advance and I hope in successful sponsorship!  http://www.trekland.sk/
2015-03-13 Sponsor - KATHMANDU
With a great luck, my application for sponsorship from famous outdoor brand KATHMANDU was succesfull!
I have managed to complete an application just in time - before 28.2.2015 and after two weeks I have got a very great news...!
Very soon, I and Nathan (my climbing partner) will receive from Kathmandu waterproof jackets, hiking boots, two radios, 90 liters travel bags, extreme Alpine tents and sandals...
We will keep you updated on how great all this gear is and how it perform on the expedition. Thank you very much !!    

2015-03-13 Sponsor - TENDON
I am very glad that we have got attention of another sponsor - TENDON from Czech Republic - a manufacturer of high-quality ropes and climbing equipment.
They will help our expedition with two 50 meters long ropes, Y-shaped dynamic sling and one ascender for our ascent and for climbing on rocky parts of Broad Peak. Thank you a lot!

2015-03-13 Sponsor - ACIDMOUNTAIN 
I am very pleased that my first sponsor became acidMountain - an online shop with stylish T-shirts, printed and designed by a young enthusiastic team! Besides a nice T-shirt, acidMountain will also provide me some financial aid! Thank you so much!

2015-03-09 SNOWLAND - an agency to help us organize our expedition in Pakistan
Finally, we have chosen an agency in Pakistan - Snowland!
Snowland will not only assist us to arrange all the necessary permits and visas, but also will lead us to the Base camp, where they will provide us food and shelter...

Broad peak 2015 - world record attempt

I would like to ask everybody, who can possibly help us to achieve our dream:
- please contribute to a sponsorship for our climbing expeditions to 8050 m high Broad Peak in Pakistan, where I and my climbing partner will attempt to break the world record in cycling in the highest altitude (in case of successful attempt, it will be also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records) http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/highest-altitude-(cycling)

Broad Peak is located on the border of Pakistan and China and is the 12-th highest peak in the world. There were only four Slovakian who stood on its top and I want try to be the fifth one.

So far, my biggest achievement was ascent of Muztagh Ata (7500m) in western China, as well as other successful climbs in Europe (France, Italy, Finland, England ...) USA, New Zealand, Indonesia and other countries. My personal profile can be found on this link:

My climbing partner Nathan Dahlberg used to be a Tour de France professional bike racer who later travelled the World racings in some 55 countries. He has successfully climbed peaks in India, China, Pakistan, USA, but also peaks in his native New Zealand's Alps.

Except planned radio interviews, articles published in travel magazines and notes on public TV stations, my expedition achievement will be possible to see online on my live blog website (http://2015broadpeak.blogspot.com/ ) and also on Facebook and Twitter.  
Apart from that, I will offer a multimedia presentation about this expedition to Slovak Mountain Festival (more than 7000 visitors) and enrol the most successful photos to various photo competitions.

Your contribution (financial or sponsor gifts) will allow me to cover travel expenses, cost of climbing permit and to buy all the necessary climbing equipment required for such a high altitude adventure.

For your sponsorship, I would like to offer you:

company name and logo on top of event’s name
● company name and logo in our event broacher
● company name and logo on the front page of my internet blog website
● photos and short video on the summit with your company banner (summit photo published in broacher, blog website, facebook and twitter)
● photos and short video with your company banner and your products in the base camp
● your company name and logo visible on my clothes (and visible also on published photos)
● logo and company name included in all presentations
your logo and company name printed on a T-shirt while doing presentations and media events  
● photo-booklet from the expedition & DVD with videos
● the expedition presentation in your company (on demand)
● your company web link on our blog website
● first contact privilege for the next climbing expedition to 8000m peak

If you would be interested in sponsoring me at any level or helping me with some gear, please contact me back and I would be happy to answer any questions, that you may have.
(Please reply to this email, or leave a number and I will call you back)

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

Bank contacts for financial gifts:
Account number: SK8202000000002319159055
Bank code: 0200
Bank identification: SUBA
Bank address: Všeobecná úverová banka, Mlynské nivy 1, 829 90 Bratislava 25, SLOVAKIA