Not working satellite phone cut us completely from outside world and civilization!
Neither Broad Peak, neither Guinness Record was conquered due to bad weather and lot of snow..

Even endless 5 nights in Camp 2 didn't bring so wished sunny window...
On the top of everything the descending brought a very bad looking 300 m fall of my other climbing partner..
(I will get all details as soon as I am back at computer in Slovakia...)

At the moment we are still all of us on the way to Islamabad in good health (except my painfully deep cough cought at Camp 2).

2015-07-29 Snowstorm made me to come back to the Base camp 
Nathan has 4 stitches on his head and his lost rucksack with passport and other important stuff keeps his spirit down... I climbed Camp 2 but came down because of snowstorm which hits the slope. Now I am waiting in the Base camp for better weather.

2015-07-24 My friend Nathan rolled 30 meters down the slope
The Camp 1 was both extremely difficult and unfortunate. On very steep slope my friend Nathan rolled 30 meters down and injured his head. He is back in the Base camp. Bad weather is coming.

2015-07-14 We got stuck on the road because of a landslide
Only 30 kms from Skardu and after 30 hours of rough journey we got stuck on the road because of a landslide ahead of us took half of the road away and another half was blocked with big rocks. 

In complete darkness I managed to climb over the landslide (and through the water) with 25 kgs heavy box on my shoulders and our agency boss picked my upboss by car on the other side. I got in the bed at 3AM in the morning.

2015-07-13 Taking the bus to Skardu
Picking up the luggage took me 2.5 hours and exactly 15 different authorities to sign my delivery papers. And I had to pay a lot of money to airport different cargo offices... but finally I got all my important staff from Slovakia and package is with me. I did the last minute shopping for trekking shoes (the Katmandu shoes are too big for me) and then I could finally take the bus. 

The first bus didn't take me even with the valid ticket so I waited another 5 hours for another one which took me to Skardu.

2015-07-12 My struggle continues
My struggle continued this day again. Even going to the airport to the Pakistan airline headquarters didn't help me to get the flight ticket. I was told that the flights for next two days are cancelled because of bad weather. I didn't know what to do so I decided to take 30 hours bus ride on rough Karakoram highway. 

2015-07-11 In Islamabad
Unfortunately, I didn't manage to pick up my Cargo package from the airport today, because of the simple reason - their office is closed on weekends.

High altitudes boots, Sony electronics, ropes and many more important things stopped me from traveling with my team together. I have to stay in Islamabad until Tuesday when I hopefully will catch everyday morning flight and join my team again. 

2015-07-10 A flight to Pakistan
I had a flight to Pakistan today. Many thanks to all for your support and encouragement!

From 1 July 2015 we will bring you here the most updated info about our mission straight from the slopes of Broad Peak! 
...then you can follow where we are, what we do and other important news including summit attempts...!