About us in news

2016-01-27 The story about our expedition in Slovenka magazine
I am very glad that a story about our expedition was published in well know Slovakian magazine Slovenka. Also there, you could find details about our ascend and many other interesting details. The story was published in 3rd issue 2016. Thank you!

2016-01-10 Our story in a Sunday issue of Novy Cas
Very nice indeed, was an issue of our story on Broad Peak in a bigger Sunday issue of newspaper Novy Cas. The story was printed on 2 and half pages and you can find all details about our experience on Broad Peak. Big thank you for your interest.

2016-01-01  Extra plus has published an article about us /shortly after New Year/

I am very pleased, that even well know Slovakian magazine Extra plus had been interested in our expedition and published 4pages large story in their January issue. There too, you can find except an article, some of the best photos taken on the expedition in Karakoram. I was very happy to share this story with you all. Thank you! 
2015-12-26 A story about our expedition in the magazin Maxim
http://www.maxim.cz/casopis/archiv-tistenych-cisel/maxim-1-2-2016-hloubkova-analyza-zen-nebyla-nikdy-snazsiVery first after-expedition story about our climbing was published in Maxim - the paper printed magazine. The article is full of interesting facts and details that the author asked me for. You can find all that in their January edition. Thank you for your interest.

2015-10-17 Radio Slovakia will broadcast an interview about our expedition on 17.october at 17:25

A little bit more in detail, you can listen story about our expedition on Radio Slovakia already
this Saturday at 17:25 in a program called "Cestovateľské kino".
At the same time you can have a look at some photographs of our expedition in the radio's archive.

2015-10-12 An interview on Radio FM

On Monday 12.october you could listen some short interviews with me on Radio FM, where I shortly informed about our expedition results and probably I had got some additional climbing partner...;-) Thank you for listening.

2015-10-09 A news about our expediton from GARMIN

My sponsor Garmin informs about our expedition results in short story on QQ website (alternative of WhatsUp mobile app). They also attached some nice promotional photos. Thank you a lot!

2015-09-24  Presentation on the festival HOROMIL

Because of a very sad reason, I was unable to give a speech about the Broad Peak expedition. The festival  Horomil took place in Povazska Bystrica and I believe that it went well... Once again, I apologize for my absence and thank you for the invitation!

2015-09-07 An interview for the local TV station Mestská televízia Ružomberok

A short interview for RKTV might be more joyful, if I had managed at least one of my expedition goals. However, I am still very grateful for the RKTV interest and I hope that we will make more interviews about successful expeditions in the future. Thank you

2015-08-28  An interview about our expedition on television station TA3

Almost straight after the expedition I was invited into a program 'Life of adventurers' where I talked not only about our expedition, but also about my personal view of extreme sports... You can still watch the program in the TA3 television archives. Thank you for the invitation.

2015-05-15 An interview with City Television Ruzomberok
The interview, which we recorded a week ago for the MTR has become alive on their web site. You will find there not only details of the expedition, but also information about how I got to China, if my family support my mission, what should be done to meet requirements of a Guinness record and how I got my first frostbites... You can find the interview here.

2015-05-15 Interview recording for MTR
Last Friday, City Television Ruzomberok recorded an interview with me about our expedition and other interesting details connected with our preparations. Watch MTR cannal from 18. to 24.May and you can find out even more information that is on this website! Thank you for publicity and your interest!

2015-05-01 An article by ACIDMOUNTAIN 
Last week I was pleased with the package of nice T-shirts from acidMountain, that was delivered to my home address. Thus, it is 100% certain that we will maintain the high clothing standard on the mountains too! And on top of T-shirts, acidMountain also offered to present us by short stories on their social network web-page. Thank you very much!

2015-04-28 Pre-expedition interview on City Television Ružomberok 
City Television Ružomberok asked us for an interview, in which I would talk about our expedition plans, about previous climbs and the mountain experience. The interview will be recorded very soon and will be broadcasted before our ascend to Broad Peak. Thank you for your interest and support!

2015-04-28 An article at OUTDOORFILMY.sk
The website www.outdoorfilmy.sk, dedicated to outdoor films and news, has published the introductory article about our expedition. We are glad, that you will be able to read all the news about our expedition also on their website. Thank you!
2015-04-16 An article at OUTDOORFILMY.sk
This week a new web portal join a row of our media partners. Their website www.outdoorfilmy.sk - the world of outdoor films - is full of very interesting outdoor articles, videos and movies. We are very pleased that they have approached us and so you could find news about our expedition on their portal too. Thanks!

2015-04-16 An article at 8000.sk
We are very pleased that the website dedicated to Slovak mountaineering sports - www.8000.sk - has included in their headlines a report about our expedition. Mountains and climbing enthusiasts will be regularly informed about our preparations and progress before the expedition and also on slopes of Broad Peak. Thank you for your interest!

2015-04-08 Webpage STAFF.co.nz has published an article about us
An article about Nathan's plans and our expedition can be found on the website Staff.co.nz dedicated to news from New Zealand. We are very pleased that Nathan's country has also found interest in our plans for this coming summer! Thank you.

2015-04-08 An article in a magazine People & Mountains
A bimonthly magazine People & Mountains - full of interesting articles for hikers - has published an introductory article about our expedition. It will also regularly inform about our climb so you can  find reports about our progress in this magazine with full of excellent articles. Thank you for your support!

 2015-04-02 An interview about the expedition on Radio FM
Today was brodcasted the interview about our expedition on Radio FM. You can listen it also here.
FM Radio will continue to monitor our expedition news regularly so to find out more, please stay tuned with them

2015-04-01 Radio Slovakia expressed their interest too
We are very glad that Radio Slovakia expressed their interest to inform about our expedition. I am look forward to give them an interview not just before the climb, but also afterwards, when they would welcome me in their studio personally. Stay tuned with Radio Slovakia to learn about our expedition even more... 

2015-04-01 An article about the expedition
Nathan has managed to publish an article for Nelson regional news website - NelsonLive.co.nz. The article is full of interesting information about our expedition and Nathan explains all our goals and problems what we can come accross while climbing Broad Peak. Please read it here.

2015-03-25 Radio FM interview
Today we were recording a telephone interview for FM radio.
I had to described our expedition, what we can expect, how do we train for it, how the team looks like, what risks we will undertake and what everything do we have to do for to cycling record to be accepted by Guinness book of records. The interview should be broadcasted on FM radio some day this week in the afternoon between 14-18 o'clock. Thank you for all your interest and support!
2015-03-16 Article in daily newspaper Plus1deň

2015-03-08 Some public media expressed their interest about our expedition
I was invited for an interview into 'Talks at midnight' in well known TA3 television channel, which I will visit shortly after the expedition and tell them my fresh stories from the peak.

Radio FM has also expressed their interest and they want to follow all the expedition preparation and progress in their programe Popo FM.
Mestská televízia Ružomberok will welcome me in their studios any time when I am in their city.

Radio Sever and radio Rebeca will also bring news (in their programes, and also on their website) about the preparations before the expediton, but also a detail progress on the slopes of Broad Peak.

Plus 1 day - a well known daily newspaper in Slovakia, is the first one, which has a strong interest in bringing news from our expedition in printed version.

Thank you to all mentioned media interest and I believe that news from various sources would be appreciated by all our fans...:-)